Advanced file migration for government agencies

Many government agencies are in the midst of a shift to the cloud. Enabling and maintaining an engaged government workforce is crucial – and dependent upon the ability to provide seamless access to critical content.

OneSync is designed to orchestrate access to that content by enabling automated file migration for government agencies or synchronizing on-premises files to any cloud service.

GCC High

OneSync is validated to support Microsoft Government Community Cloud High (GCCH) initiatives.

  • Enable government agencies with migration technology that is performant, efficient, and predictable.
  • Analyze and simulate your content landscape—know exactly how much you have and where it is located.
  • Deliver rapid enablement and rollout of software that is incredibly simple to install, learn, use, and scale.
  • Future-proof government agencies, as the platform can be leveraged for many other use cases.

Understand the content landscape—before and after your migration

OneSync provides advanced analysis and file migration simulation capabilities that deliver unprecedented insight into the existing content landscapebefore a single file is moved.

After the migration is complete, a validation balance sheet provides a reconciliation report of all content from the source to the destination. This enables your agency to prove to a governing body that all content was thoroughly audited during the migration process.